Monday, April 21, 2014

Off to northeastern New Mexico

After seeking temporary refuge from real or imagined flash flooding, I figured I might as well head to Albuquerque, where there are more things to do on a rainy day. It was also a good hub from which to reevaluate my plans.

I studied my maps. I read up on the various New Mexico state parks, looked at where I'd been and where I haven't been yet, consulted the weather forecasts, and decided to head to the east side of the Sangre de Critso mountains. First stop, Villanueva State Park.

The park is tucked in a narrow canyon, next to the Pecos river. There are two levels. The lower one is lined with cottonwoods and many families enjoying their Easter weekend. 

The other level is up a steep, narrow road that discourages large RVs, but not the Rolling Steel Tent. The lack of tall trees means nothing blocking my solar panel. The view is also better. An added bonus is no danger of flooding. A few thunderstorms passed through, but I was safely above the river,

The one drawback—one that's common in the mountains—is zero cell signal. A day without Internet? Oh no!

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  1. I can remember when internet was not such a big part of my life but I sure do miss it now when I get into a no signal area.