Thursday, April 10, 2014

Elephant in the room

New Mexico offers an annual pass to all their state parks. Out-of-staters can get it for $225. Campsites are usually $10 a night, so the pass is worth it if you plan on spending more than a couple of weeks a year camping in the state. I do.

Right now I'm at Elephant Butte Lake, next to Truth or Consequences. I don't know yet which hill is Elephant Butte, but I know exactly where the lake is.

My primitive campsite (unpaved, no covered picnic table, no toilet, no electrical or water hook-ups, etc.) is on the top of a hill with 360 degree vistas. I like it better than the RV sites, if for no other reason than I don't have neighbors. Just me and some critter tracks.

Well, it's not totally primitive.


  1. Looks like it's BYOTP.

    We always called this an "out" since there is no house. My experience is they are cleaner with no odor. We had one once on land Dave's parents owned. We put a red seat with lid on it to keep hunters from shooting us.

  2. Omgosh. That was where I was going to start 2014 before someone changed plans on me!
    Isn't New Mexico kewl

  3. After you pay the $225 for the year, is it possible to avoid daily fees thereafter or is there still a daily fee? Basically, I just want to camp for free after that initial fee, if possible. Just weighing options for the future. But, I'm loving all the free boondocks I'm finding through the eastern Sierras in CA! of all, rising slowly in elevation to stay out of the heat in this dark van. Not good for the dog either. Although, gas prices really can kick your butt big time if you don't sit still long in CA.

  4. Correction: if you want a site with electricity, there's an extra $4 charge. But we have solar, so neener neener neener.