Monday, April 21, 2014

Easy shopping

Because I was an inattentive blockhead again, I left my doormat at a campground. Not a big tragedy, easy to replace. I'd bought it at Home Depot or Lowe's for, like, $9.00. I just needed to be in a town large enough to have one of the home improvement centers.

Las Lunas, south of Albuquerque,  happened to be such a place. And, whadda ya know, Home Depot and Lowe's are right next to each other. With connected parking lots. Home Depot was first, but they didn't have the simple, very functional, doormat I wanted. But Lowe's did. That was easy.


  1. I wonder how many doormats we have driven away from over the years? It is SO easy to do.

  2. I've driven away from wheel blocks and leveling chunks of wood (for my trailer), firewood, and even door steps... I now have a note inside that's my "last thing before I leave" list. All I have to do now is remember to check it :)

    I have a long-time friend who lives in Los Lunas. I spent a month with her a couple of (light) years ago - made friends with the local horses down the street from her house. Quiet little town. I'm really enjoying reading your NM adventures.