Saturday, April 12, 2014

Everywhere at once

I need to stop reading other van dweller blogs.

"Ooo, she/he is in a great area. I should go there."

"Oh, wait, this other place (in the opposite direction) sounds amazing. I should go there."

"But there's that other place I've always wanted to go."

"And that other place."


I guess it's good that a variety of places interest me, that I want to see them and be there instead of wanting to anchor down in only one type of place. (This is why owning vacation property never made sense to me. Go to the same place every year? When there are so many other places to visit?) It's just that there's only one of me and I haven't figured out how to violate the laws of space, time and van travel so I can be at all those places right now.

So I make lists and plan routes. I'll get there. Eventually. Patience, old man.

1 comment:

  1. I need to stop reading travel blogs all together.

    I need to stop having time to think. I need to go somewhere.

    Being in one place for as long as I've been here has caused my feet to get their travel itch on, and any place, other than the one I'm currently sitting in, looks mighty good, right about now.

    Staying focused on my longer-term intention is brutal. Brutal.

    I need to win a multi-million dollar lottery.

    I need to buy a ticket.