Thursday, July 17, 2014

Adieu, Lincoln City

Low tide at the south end of Lincoln City

Now that my feet are clean, they're itching to go. So it's southward, to California—the place I lived longer than anywhere else.

The fine folks of Lincoln City claim the D River, flowing from Devil's Lake, under Highway 101, and into the Pacific, is the world's shortest river. Other's disagree. The Guinness World Record folks stopped caring.

I don't know where they say the lake ends and the river starts

Meanwhile, a few miles south, is Depoe Bay. Not to be out-bragged regarding diminutive things, it claims the world's smallest harbor. Mmmm, I dunno. There's probably a little pocket inlet somewhere on the planet just big enough to anchor one boat. But you gotta get your tourist dollars somehow. The harbor is nice, though. And any place you can get fresh seafood gets two thumbs up from me.

Besides the fascination with small things, someone in the past must have been fixated on the Prince of Darkness. Along this stretch of coast are Devil's Lake, Devil's Punch Bowl and Devil's Churn. I thought the devil went down to Georgia.

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