Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My order of fog arrived

I lived in California for twenty years, most of it in SoCal. So it's hard getting my head into the not warm and rarely sunny Oregon style beach. The voice of wisdom (which must get beamed in from somewhere other than my own head) says to release expectations so I can embrace a different type of beauty. I'm trying.

Cape Cove, near Heceta Head lighthouse


  1. You seem to be doing pretty well

  2. But this is the sunny part of the year for Oregon! It's been nice for many days here. Sunny, and even warm! What suits one vandweller, won't necessarily suit another. What are your favorite temps, BTW? Mine are, well, what are here right now in Oregon (minus the fog and mist that makes things damp....sometomes) - Mid 60's to very low 70's max.

  3. I'm more of a low 70s to upper 70s or low 80s kind of guy. Warmer if I'm going to the beach, because the ocean breeze counteracts it.