Thursday, July 31, 2014

Goin' a-visitin' in a cellular-free zone

Mark and Donna, Thanksgiving 2013

My friends, Mark and Donna, are hosts at a Forest Service campground. They saw from this blog that I'm sort of near them. So Mark sent a text inviting me to come spend some time. I haven't seen them since winter when our paths diverged. As extra incentive, I can stay free at the campground. Excellent.

I'm heading off shortly. A drawback is that the closest cellular service is twenty miles from the campground. Ack, web withdrawal.


  1. Waving hi everyone.
    Have a great time.
    Web withdrawal - relax. Play some card games. Take pictures.
    Hugs all around. Can't wait to see you all this winter.

    1. Rats, I didn't get a picture of Mark in his uniform.

  2. Say hi to Mark and Donna! Have fun! Reconnecting with the "old days" before signals - whee!

    (Hi Lesa!)