Saturday, July 19, 2014

Coin flip

Checking the forecasts, my choices for the coming week seem to be coastal fog or heat in the upper 90s or higher. Hot air rising inland creates low pressure. Cool, saturated, ocean air slips in to fill the void, until the mountains block it.

In theory, there are spots between the two extremes. The question is whether there are any places to camp. Free.

Few roads pass through the mountains, from the cool, gloomy coast to the Central Valley frying pan. The ones that exist follow rivers through canyons and gorges. Attractive, but very few places to pull off that aren't private property, restricted to day use, or campgrounds that charge a fee. Given my past experiences with wandering up mountain "roads," it's not something I'd like to do again without some local knowledge. Time to talk to some strangers, I guess.

Actually, there's a third option: making a dash to the Sierras. Hmmmm.

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