Monday, July 14, 2014

Sorry, but I need sun

Actually, my batteries do. Three days of coastal overcast and drizzle have meant not really enough sunlight to the solar panel. Some sunlight makes it through the clouds, but I could use more.

So I drove inland, to Salem, this morning. Whee! Blue skies! Big ol' sun! Happy batteries!

The down side is that it's hotter here. The forecast is for 90°, as compared to 65° at the coast. It's a trade-off. I'll get the batteries all charged up, get some supplies, then head back to the coast. It's supposed to clear up there tomorrow. We'll see.


  1. This is a stunning photograph! Bet it could win awards!

  2. It's a stock photo I appropriated.

  3. Do you have a heavy duty alternator to charge house batteries as you drive?

    1. No, I'm not hooked up to the van's charging system. Yet.

  4. We really are just passing each other on the road, in the night or otherwise. I left Salem Monday morning, bound for the coast. Happy trails!