Monday, August 18, 2014

I swear it's not my fault

I was deeply engrossed in a video I've been putting together and hadn't noticed a fire about a mile away. It's on the other side of a hill, so I don't know what, exactly, is on fire. There are a few utility buildings there, a railroad track, some highway equipment and, on the other side of the Truckee River, I-80. As well as grass, brush and trees, of course.

There are two helicopters with water buckets (good thing this is right next to a reservoir) and a water bomber. The bomber needs to go to a larger reservoir a few miles north where there's room to scoop water.

The wind is blowing the fire eastward.

Since it's the way out of this camping area I guess I'll see what damage was done. But not today. I'll stay put, parked on many acres of gravel and dirt.


  1. I drove past the damage today. It looks like the fire started by a trailhead parking area, but it might have been in the parking area for railroad company vehicles. Mostly grass and brush burned, only a few trees in that particular area. The fire crew was still putting out the embers this morning.

  2. Are you in the Boca Reservoir area? (I know there are some other reservoirs in that area as well.) I used to stop at Boca when I lived in Reno and was driving to Truckee every week. I'm guessing it's all pretty dry right about now...

    1. Yes, I spent the days on the Boca reservoir "beach" where my solar panels could get plenty of unobstructed sunlight. Then I camped up at the end of that paved road. I left Truckee today, headed south.

    2. Just saw your post from this evening; the Eastern Sierra is one my all-time favorite places, especially in CA, and although I haven't been there for a number of years, I used to spend a lot of time up and down 395. I'll bet it hasn't changed much... Enjoy!