Thursday, August 28, 2014

A year later

I headed out on the road a year ago today. There was a little anxiety and second guessing about the big picture, some concerns about details. "Can I actually do this? Am I prepared? Can I adapt?"

There was also eagerness. I needed a change, an adventure. I needed new perspective.

It has been absolutely the right thing to do. For me.

I settled into it quickly, easily. Van dwelling has become totally natural. I'm excited again. I'm contented again.

My sincere thanks goes out to the van dwelling community. They showed me how it's done, how it's possible. Without their guidance I would have been clueless about basic things, like mail forwarding and camping free on public land. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Family and friends have asked how long I'm going to be living this way. At the beginning, my answer was, "Until I'm not able to anymore." Now, having done this a year, the answer is, "Until I'm not able to anymore."


  1. You've been roaming the western US this past year? Where will you roam in the coming year?

  2. I have no desire to go east of the Rockies. But maybe some Canada and Mexico. But probably less total mileage, with longer periods in fewer places.

  3. Al, congrats! My travel anniversary is May 14th. We left in '13 from my parents in MN. What a journey it's been too! I feel the same. Wouldn't trade it for anything! Not even a relationship, I think. LOL.

    Say, I'm wondering if you're going to hit Yosemite this year. I so want to do Yosemite. I can't leave OR until Oct. when I get a decent traveling pay check. I was hoping to at the very least do the Tioga road drive through as I think I can at least do that with the dog. There's only like one trail I could take Rochelle on. Boo hoo, but, I understand for the wildlife's sake, it's better to not bring through millions of domestic animals through such a grand wilderness. Folks without pets really luck out in Yosemite! Just curious. I'm enjoying your hot tub tours! Can't wait to hit the hot tubs again though I still love the daily shore walks.

    1. I'll be passing through Yosemite after this holiday weekend. Don't put it off too long. You might get snow in the pass.

    2. Arg! I know. Bleh. It may be too late by the time I can get there this year. Oh, well. I can always try for next year, if there's snow. Wouldn't dare do it in the snow!

  4. Nice! It's a very interesting way to live, that's for sure. I love being homeless/houseless - and I might steal your answer to the question about how long am I going to do this... Rock on!

  5. Congrats on your anniversary. Thanks for sharing your story and insights with the community at large, as well.