Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The day I wished I was driving a sedan

Ah, passenger cars, with their nice squishy suspensions that aren't much bothered by ripples and bumps. Ah, a three-quarter ton truck chassis that's tough as nails but with a suspension as stiff as hell.

That's what I was thinking driving the last three miles of unpaved, unmaintained road to Bodie State Historic Park. It's a ghost town, and I think the last road crew must have left in 1899. Oh well. A road in disrepair is a prelude (and postlude) to a town in disrepair.

The trick, during tourist season, is getting a photo without people in it


  1. Ah, Bodie... fond memories I have of my many trips to see/explore the town. Nice to see it still looks the same :D Great photos, by the way!