Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Tub

There are a cluster of hot springs on the flats between Mammoth Lakes and Crowley Lake. The closest one to the highway is called the Tub. South of the Mammoth airport, on US395, turn east on Benton Crossing Road. (Look for the small green church at the junction.) Bear left on Whitmore Tubs Road. Take the second right. The Tub is a couple of hundred yards ahead. (37°38'50"N, 118°48'28"W)

My photos this time

It's about nine feet long, four feet wide and two feet deep, made of stone and concrete. It can hold up to six very good friends or friendly strangers. It's great when solo.

Water temperature varies throughout the day. I'm guessing it's about 102° at its hottest, cooling down to just slightly more than body temperature.

One of the pluses: it's easy to find. One of the minuses: it's easy to find, so it's busy. Another plus: it's on BLM land, so you can camp next to it. I did. Another minus: you can have several people camping here at once. Last night there were eight. But most of them pulled out after a sunrise soak.

Despite the minuses, I give the Tub a 4.5 out 5. Well built, large, deep, and camping.


  1. Word has it this is also called Cowboy Hot Spring. Considering the cattle that visited yesterday, it's appropriate.

    1. Sunday night of Labor Day weekend, there were thirteen people camped at this spring. But once they got settled in and stopped slamming vehicle doors, everything was peaceful and mellow.

  2. Loving your posts and your awesome directions, helped me find shephards last night :) Thank youuu