Thursday, August 14, 2014

Well, that's not good

I was talking with a camp host this morning. He asked, "Do you know about the hubbub the other day?"


"They found a dead guy up that way," he said, pointing up the hill, across the road. "He'd been reported missing. Someone spotted his car over there, then they found him. Don't know whether it was a heart attack, stroke, suicide or what."

"That's sad."


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  1. Some info from the paper: Eusebio Nunez, 49, Truckee business owner, had been missing since July 25th. His Honda CRV was spotted from a Nevada County (CA) Sheriff's helicopter. A ground search found his body about a hundred yards away. Cause of death unknown at the time of the article was written, but it probably would have been know right away whether it was a violent death.