Friday, September 26, 2014

High in the Jemez Mountains

Lesa and I were discussing which New Mexico state park we'd go to next. I'm glad she mentioned Fenton Lake. The drive up into the Jemez Mountains was gorgeous. I wish I'd come here sooner.

The lake is small and the campsites aren't actually by the lake, but it's beautiful and quiet. There is no "primitive" camping area, but the numbered sites aren't crammed together, like some places. Unlike Bluewater Lake, there was no shower.

Even though it's at 7,900 feet, daytime temperatures were in the 70s with high 40s at night. (Well, there was a hail storm yesterday.)

A nice hiking trail takes you through a meadow, along the creek and past a beaver dam.

There was a hunting and fishing expo scheduled for the weekend, so we took off. The drive to Espa├Ála was excellent, too, with a surprising range of scenery. I'll be back.

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