Monday, September 1, 2014

Waiting for the end of the long weekend

Today is head-for-home day for most of the people who've been in the Sierras the past week. I'm ready to move on as well. But I'll wait until tomorrow. Driving through Yosemite will be better after folks are gone. Camping areas at my destination will be cleared out. Gas prices might even be a bit lower. Hurray for the semiofficial end of summer.


  1. We await in eager anticipation for your Yosemite tour! Yaaaay!

  2. I really like the way you have your van set up. May I ask you a question? It appears you bought a bed frame instead of building a wooden one like so many people do. If this is correct, where did you purchase your bed frame? What is under the mattress? Springs of some kind? Any information you are willing to share would be most appreciated.

    1. I found the frame somewhere online. I don't remember now. It's for an extra long twin mattress. (Six inches longer than the usual 6 feet. They're typically used in dorms and other adult applications.) The frame originally had slats, but since I'm a big guy the slats started to droop after a few months. So I replaced them with a plywood slab. Then I built this thin storage compartment:

      I got the all-foam mattress from Mattress Firm and I added a 4" memory foam topper. I don't miss the slats at all. Very plush.

    2. Thank you!
      I plan to retire within the next six months. I am female and will be traveling solo part-time probably May-October. I want to leave the very hot temperatures where I live and spend time in a cooler climate. I have been following multiple blogs of people living the dream (including yours) for some time. I am going in circles over what to do....make our '97 Ford Econline into a camper van? Obtain a Casita 13 foot or 17 foot? Obtain a Tab or teardrop? Get solar? Get a generator? Since I plan to camp in trees in northern climates I am afraid solar would not work for me. I am overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to you have any opinions based on your experiences over the past year? I really like the idea of not pulling a trailer, but then again many women seem to like a trailer (and their baithrooms). I am afraid I may be one of them.