Saturday, September 13, 2014

More work

Even though we relocated to the forest, work continues on Lesa's travel trailer. Today I installed a piece of floor. Not flooring. Floor. As in the thing that keeps you from standing on the ground. The previous bozo who replaced the rotting floor couldn't (or wouldn't) figure out how to cut the plywood to fit the "entry." So I installed some brackets, a threshold, and cut a patch.

Now the floor goes all the way to the door. What a concept.

When I first saw Lesa's Scamp it was filled with loose panels and boxes of stuff. It was very unimpressive. But now it's starting to look cozy. We'll get the beast in shape yet.


  1. Hey! Where's my Juliet to whisk me away to the forest? I've about HAD it with this casino joint!! I had smokers in stereo beside me yesterday. Almost went out and told them where they can stick their cigarettes, the non-violent person I am. Can't WAIT to say, "Wherein I blow THIS casino joint". Whew! But, I await patiently....ever so patiently (yeah right) for the funds to come in before moving south. Your humor is truly brilliant, Al. Sorry to mooch it off of ya.

    Nice work! It is looking more cozy. Kudos to you both!

  2. You have made tremendous progress! I am so happy you are there helping Lesa.