Friday, January 30, 2015

Now for something completely different

I was going through a Moleskine book in which I used to write vacation-inspired essays, commentary, poems and other ramblings. "Oh, look, a bunch of silly haiku I wrote while in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I think I'll inflict this upon my blog readers."

Playa del Haiku, April 2007

Travel light and small
One carry-on bag should do
More is much too much

Stop dead, look stupid
Tourists acting like tourists
Flying is a bitch

Sitting for hours
while the plane does all the work
Why am I tired?

Ideas resist
then flow out of my boredom
Sometimes that's the way

Trinkets for tourists
Mass-produced objects of art
Sombrero madness

Sand in my sandals
Flip-flops flipping and flopping
Things with perfect names

Goth girl on playa
Semitransparent pallor
against azure joy

tacos from a microbus
Breakfast of nightowls

Plastic dolphins leap
frozen for a photo op
Graffiti covered

Girls dressed as cacti
promoting who the hell knows
They must need the work

All Latin males
issued a white fitted shirt
to look like pop stars

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  1. Your words create amazing visuals! Thanks for sharing them.