Monday, January 12, 2015

You might be too clean

As a van dweller, what do I miss most? Without question, long hot showers every day. I've gotten used to not being squeaky clean, though. And that's a good thing, according to dermatologists. We might be ruining our skin in the name of odorlessness. We might also be killing off beneficial bacteria (there is such a thing).

"If you're so inclined, you can clean the grossest parts of your body with a soapy washcloth or cleansing towelette to remove odor-causing bacteria on non-shower days."

Hey! That's what I've been doing! Good for me.

Besides being better for your skin, showering less is also environmentally sound. You use less water and don't expend natural resources heating it.

Take a good whiff of yourself. Don't you smell smart?


  1. I have, happily, changed my house-bound bathing habits to closely resemble my Vagabond lifestyle. And yes, I consider it much more stylish.
    And almost as important: People seem to be inclined to give me more space... more personal-boundary-space that is. LOL

  2. When we were living on the road full time, for 30 years, we sure didn't take a shower a day. A quick wash-up worked for us. In one area, we showered every Tuesday, walking in the open back gate of a State Park and using their showers. Since we've settled down we tend to do the same thing. Showers are a modern thing anyway..maybe the tie and high heel group feel better taking one a day..but not everyone.