Thursday, January 15, 2015

Now you're cookin'

It has been months since I've been in a cooking mood. Oh, I've cooked, but only because it was necessary. And it was seldom anything more complex than bacon and eggs. Plunk me down at RTR, though, with friends to share whatever comes out of my pot, and I suddenly turn into a chef. Or at least a guy who can combine ingredients into something that tastes better than expected.

I made lunch today for Lou, Jo and Lesa. Cubed pork, carrots, leeks, lentils, rice, assorted mushrooms, garlic and some carnitas seasoning. It got thumbs up from the crew. Jo brought a nice kale-quinoa-tomato-almond salad and Lesa provided bread she'd baked herself over a wood fire. Lou supplied the space and beverages. We ate and gloated over how sweet our vagabond life is. That's the best dessert.

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