Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pick one superpower

A. The ability to become invisible at will

B. The ability to fly like a bird

C. The ability to instantly be wherever you choose

D. The ability to move objects with your mind

E. The ability to change into anything you choose



  1. Being the owner of a VaJayJay, coupled with Beauty & complete knowledge of personal agency is the ultimate SUPER-POWER in the known universe.
    The subjugation of Millions of Men as well as Intercontinental Wars, as a result of this power, are well documented.

    1. I'm glad you do!!
      Being able to embrace the truth is sometimes a full-time chore for me, due to the indoctrination I had growing up.
      To many this information may seen like common sense, as they are keenly aware of the level of power & control they, personally, have over others. They often know how to increase and leverage that influence.
      It seems to me it is embedded in our lives at a biological level, and is expressed throughout all cultures / societies.
      The political & religious ramifications of Gynocentrism is truly mind boggling.
      highest regards,
      p.s. Sorry I didn't make the RTR, I had a last minute schedule conflict / family visitation!

  2. I would love to be able to teleport, including teleporting anything I touch along with me. I regularly imagine what that would be like for me. I could teleport Rochelle, the Green Queen van and myself anywhere around the world. It would be so AWESOME and no more worrying about gas mileage. My other one would be being able to make anything appear before me (like cooked food) anytime I wanted. I'd eat cuisine from around the world and no longer be concerned about grocery bills.