Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meanwhile, in the Rolling Steel Tent...

Lou isn't the only one doing renovations. Mine are mostly cosmetic. Among other things, I'm replacing the ceiling paneling.

It was originally installed as four pieces because I was doing it alone. Wrestling a 4x8 panel by myself would have been futile. Test fitting... measuring... cutting holes... test fitting again... adjusting holes... test fitting one more time... trying to hold it in place while screwing it in place...

Everything was fine for a while. But then the cycling temperatures and shifts in humidity warped the panels a little, making it so the joints didn't flush up to each other. It was still functional, but unattractive. Whenever I was on the bed, I'd see those warps and get more annoyed. Now that I have Lou as a second set of hands, and the use of his power tools, I'm going to replace the ceiling.

In order to access the screws on one side, I had to remove the five mailboxes I use for storage. To remove the mailboxes, I had to empty them of socks, underwear, medications and figure someplace else to put that stuff. And I needed to borrow a small socket from Lou. (I'd gotten rid of just a little too many tools when I hit the road.)

The cables from the solar panel come through two holes in the roof. I had to disconnect the cables in order to remove one of the ceiling panels. In order to disconnect the cables, I needed to cover the solar panel so it wasn't sending current. Luckily, I could cover the solar panel with the other ceiling panels. And some cardboard. And a blanket.

So here's what it looks like stripped of ceiling panels. Ah, the memories of installing the insulation in the dripping heat and humidity of South Carolina. And I'm glad to see there were no leaks or mold hiding up there.


  1. Yes, always good to have proof you have no leaks up there. And good to have friends with tools who help with projects.

  2. OK, that's all well and good, but what I want to know is did you leave Chet back there staring at that lighthouse?