Thursday, July 9, 2015

No cheese, just planes

While researching other places to go on the Oregon Coast, I came across a campground listing for the Tillamook Air Museum. Hmmm. I've camped at a couple of marinas, why not an airport? Especially one with a ginormous blimp hangar. And a Mini Guppy.

I didn't know, before I made the schlep, that a bunch of WWII planes had been moved away. Oh well. I still really dig blimp hangars. When I lived in Silicon Valley I used to drive past the one at Moffett Field (which has been saved from destruction by Google).

But there were still some cool things to see.

Flying with wood, wire and fabric? Why not.


Say, "Aaaaahh."

 Need a little thrust?

This used to be so high tech

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  1. There used to be some pretty amazing airshows at Moffett Field.