Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Upside down

I have a regular foam mattress with a memory foam topper. It's plush. Memory foam is great in cold weather because it holds body heat. That's not so great in hot weather, like now.

So, after laundering all my bedding today, I decided to flip the mattress and put the topper on the bottom. (It has to go somewhere.) (I know. The topper police will track me down.)

It feels a bit odd not sinking into the mattress, but it still beats a spring mattress. I'll have to see whether the bed is any cooler, and whether the coolness is worth giving up some plushness. It looks like I'm just sleeping. I assure you, though, I'm doing it in the name of science and the advancement of humanity.

UPDATE: It's working out just fine.


  1. The sacrifices you make to report to your readers!! LOL. I had wondered about turning mine over, too. But it is in a zippered case that has some rubberized treatment on the bottom (that I would NOT want to lay on even with sheets). If you find flipping is useful, then it might be worth it to me to wrestle with my mattress and the zippered case. So know that your sleeping is serving the greater good.

  2. I hope this works for you; it wouldn't for me. I'm as bad as the princess and the pea--I have to have the memory foam topper to camouflage the wrinkles in the sheet or I can't sleep. Is this a first world problem or what?!