Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ambiguous ambidexterity

The thing on the end of the driver side sun visor broke off long ago. The previous owner attempted a repair, but it broke. I attempted a repair, but it broke, too.

I researched the prices of a replacement visor. Sellers of official GM parts wanted $105.00. For one plain visor. No mirror. No light. No exotic animal hide. Sellers on eBay wanted $53.00. Much better, but still ridiculously priced. I could call around to salvage yards to see if they had Expresses or Savanas out back with unbroken, un-blood-spattered visors, but that could take a long time.

Then I had another thought. I studied the visors closely. "You know, I think the left and right visors are identical. Well, except for the yellow warning sticker on the left one." I was correct. For a change.

The former passenger side visor in its new home

Now I can spend who-knows-how-many years contemplating what to do with the unused clip and mounting plate on the Rolling Steel Tent's passengerless passenger side. Suggestions, anyone?


  1. Pencil holders?? Clipped sideways in one and stuck end-on in the other.

    When it comes to actually visering the sun I use a ball-cap which I find much more effective and versatile, but I still have to have two visors in my van (The Van), otherwise what would hold the window-shade in place?? (And we all know how sad looking a droopy window-shade is!)

  2. Move it to the back of the van and use it as a hanger when changing cloths... a formal shirt when going to a date, for example.

  3. Simple suggestion. Put the van on a Matson ship to Hawaii. Buy a lei. Hang the lei from the hook.