Sunday, July 16, 2017

Up into the mountains again

I headed out this morning to Yankee Boy Basin, up above Ouray, Colorado and near the southern base of Mt. Sneffels. Most of the road is fairly well maintained and therefore easy. But after passing the last mine and the sign that says 4-wheel-drive only, it gets rough and challenging, especially if you're driving a 2-wheel drive van. (Well, 1-wheel drive, actually, since I have only a standard differential.)

That's the Rolling Steel Tent down there on the other side of some impassible (to me) washouts and craters. And here's the view in the other direction.


  1. OH those mountain wildflowers!! And the landscape looks so cool and free of humidity. You have some serious envy from me in the horrid mid-South.

    1. I fled North Carolina because of the humidity. Ain't going back there.