Saturday, July 22, 2017

Electricity time

Forrest began installing electrical components today, mounting the inverter and charge controller on a board that goes in the tail of the rig, next to the batteries.

In light of the previous post about deep cell batteries, Forrest is using four sealed 6-Volt batteries (two of them are out of the photo) that will be wired in series-parallel to create a 12-Volt system. They can be tilted like that (or even mounted on their sides or ends) because they are absorbent glass mat batteries rather than "wet" or "flooded" batteries that need to be upright.

Forrest salvaged heavy duty cables (the dirty black ones) from a lift truck. He'll cut them to the necessary lengths, add new rings to the ends and use them to connect the batteries to each other and the inverter.

Meanwhile, Lou will be doing some staining. Espresso is an appropriate color for someone of Italian heritage, like Lou. A stain based on my ancestors would be a brown that's a blend of tea, scotch, stout and akvavit. And it would taste awful.


  1. We used to have a high level of confidence in our sealed batteries, until all four of them failed and leaked. All terminals are corroded now. Something will have to be done.

    1. Maybe that "something" is to drink a 1:1:1:1 blend of tea, scotch, stout and akvavit. Mmmmm, probably not.