Sunday, July 30, 2017

Such is my life

I eat. I move down the road. I sleep.

This is probably not what Tom Rath had in mind, but does life really need to be more complicated than that?

Gorillas are one of our closest biological relatives. How do they spend they days (when not being hunted by poachers)? They wake up, wander a little in search of food (which they pull from the bushes), eat, nap, wake up, move a little farther to get food, eat, nap, wake up, have sex, nap, go get some food, nap...

For a long time homo sapiens had a life not too different from gorillas. Then we spoiled it with things like ambition, productivity and self-help books. But we nomadic retirees are—or can be—a lot like our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Simplify. Worry about less. Enjoy meals. Wander around. Indulge in many naps. Get in touch with your inner primate.


  1. Add play and poop and you've really got it all covered. I think I've moved back into toddlerhood.