Friday, July 14, 2017


The distance from the tradesman's bulkhead at the front of the Rolling Steel Tent to the back of the cargo compartment is 8 feet, 8 inches. But sheets of paneling are 8 feet long. That meant I needed to add a strip at the end of the roof panel when I did the buildout.

It was sort of okay, but it was also right where I'd see it when I was reclined on the bed. It eventually drove me nuts. (Actually, I'm close enough to nuts that I don't need to be driven. I can walk there.) The gap... the slightly different thicknesses of the two pieces... ergh.

And so, in addition to the other small projects I've been doing lately, I took care of this. When one can't make a perfect butt seam, overlap them in a way that looks intentional. I made a new piece to go over the old add-on. And I cut it with a curved edge so it looks like a design element instead of a patch job. Here it is installed but not caulked and painted.

Or maybe, as an homage to conversion vans, I could cover the piece with velour. Nah, I might be borderline nuts but I'm not insane.


  1. " I don't need to be driven. I can walk there." Another great line that made me laugh out loud then share it with my husband!

  2. Those of us that are bothered by imperfections are attuned to their inert ability to position themselves in such a way so that they make themselves
    Prominant visually, which drives us crazy. Imperfections once fixed, return to the gates of hell from Wence they came.

  3. Dude, just glue shag carpet over all the paneling.

    1. Man have you checked the price of shag these days? Damn Instagram van hipsters have driven up the price.

    2. They used to give it away for pennies just to get it out of their warehouses.