Tuesday, July 11, 2017


The Rolling Steel Tent has no windows in the sliding side door, just recesses where windows would go on other models. When I prepared the van for habitation I glued insulation board into the recesses and then, because I was running out of time, resources and patience, I duct taped Reflectix over the foam board, and painted it. Not elegant, but functional.

I got tired of looking at the door and one day I ripped off the tape and Reflectix. I had a plan to cover the exposed insulation with something else. That plan didn't work out. Over the ensuing months I got even more tired of looking at the new mess. And at the Pink Panther mocking me.

But since I've been at Forrest's shop I've had more than enough time to form an alternate plan. And I've had the resources and assistance to get 'er done.

Much better

While I was at it, I made some strips to cover the holes along the joint of the wall and roof. I had covered them before with aluminum tape. Shiny, but not that attractive.

The white door reminds me of a gallery wall. I guess I need some art now. Something without a pink cartoon pitchman.

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