Monday, October 23, 2017

Back to the desert, back to the unexpected

I had no actual plan beyond heading somewhere inland. I stopped for supplies in Indio where it was nasty hot and thought, "Okay, where am I really going?" I had checked the forecasts and it was still way too warm most places in the Southwest. "Up. I need to go to higher elevations where it's cooler. I know: Joshua Tree."

After settling into a nice spot at White Tank campground (where I had always struck out getting a site before), a large ball of pink fluffiness flashed through my peripheral vision and disappeared around one of the rock formations. Huh? I went around the rocks and saw a young woman carrying a mountain of diaphanous fabric and followed by a photographer and assistants. It was a fashion shoot. So I got my camera and took a picture of people taking pictures.

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