Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The introverted curmudgeon wins

I left the Las Vegas area, trading Lake Mead for Lake Havasu. The plan was to take part in a gathering of nomads. Those with skills, tools and experience were going to work on the rigs of those with little or none of those. I was going to help. And shoot more episodes of Nomad Origin Stories.

But I lost the urge once I got there and saw the location (dirt and dust) and the number of people crammed into it. My inner recluse was going, "Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!" So I found a spot I could turn around without getting stuck in sand or running over bushes and went to Craggy Wash instead.

There's a place up a short, steep trail to a rise above the wash. No one comes up here. Plenty of room. Plenty of quiet. No need for social pleasantries.

Maybe I'll mix with the other nomads tomorrow. Or maybe I'll head down the road. Maybe there will be a new plan in the morning to go with the new month. Happy Halloween. Boo.


  1. Craggy Wash is where we saw the mountain sheep. It works best to watch the horizon at the top of the hills for the sentinel sheep. Then zoom in on all the white rocks below him and they will turn out to be sheep.

  2. Ha.Man,you wear me out just reading about all your moves.Good luck.