Thursday, October 5, 2017

Pebble Beach without golf

This is my first video since getting Adobe Premiere Elements to work again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.


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    1. Pebble beach has been a place of enjoyment for many hours in my life. Walking barefoot there is the neatest feeling. Sorting through the multitude of little stones is meditative.

      This beach has also provided lunch for my family. After a visit i used the hut shaped pit toilet and on the way out found $35 in the icicle plants outside. Dad,stepmom, and i enjoyed fish and chips in Half moon bay thanks to some unknown donor.

      You probably stopped at Pidgeon Point lighthouse. Is the hostel still open there?

      Thanks Al for gifting me a chance to replay those memories!

    2. I'm surprised. I always thought of you as a New York guy.

    3. I was thinking after i posted the comment that i probably was thinking of a different beach south of where you were at. I think we just called the one we visited "pebble beach" and the state park sign said something different entirely.
      A favorite drive has always been up over 17 from Los Gatos to Santa Cruz then north to Half Moon bay and east over the hill to 280, then south back to San Jose. There are so many cool spots to stop and the drive is beautiful. As a kid i would ride my road bike up to Skyline from the valley and later as a teenager we would drive up there at night to watch the lights and smoke cigarettes. What a contradiction youth can be.