Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Take me home, country road

After five days on the Monterey Peninsula, sleeping in residential areas, I wanted to head out to a less populous place. I didn't want to go very far because I still liked spending days by the bay. So instead of going inland, I went north about fifteen miles, to Moss Landing. Surrounded by vegetable fields, it's a small town dedicated to commercial fishing. And seafood restaurants. The residents are more blue collar than blue nose.

I had come to Moss Landing on Sunday to check out the horse beach, have some cioppino and scout the overnight parking situation. FreeCampsites.net had mentioned Potrero Road, which runs along the edge of town, from Highway 1 to the beach. Fields on one side of the road, modest homes on the other, vehicles parked along the shoulder. It looked good.

And it was good. Quiet (once the highway traffic thinned out for the night), no hassles, no worries. And free, of course.

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