Monday, October 16, 2017

Not huge luck

I had booked a bed in a San Francisco hostel so I could get a shower and have a no-hassles place to park for the night. And for a change of pace. The last time I stayed there was perfectly pleasant, considering I was sharing a room with strangers. Last night, not so much.

I was worried I would be the snoring guy who annoyed all the roommates. But this guy had me beat. I retreated to the van.


  1. Have you tried AirBnb yet? They have some pretty good offerings. Also, Anthony Chabot Regional Park is pretty decent. There's a BART station just south of the park. (This info for yer eyes only.)

    1. I've done AirBnB a couple of times in other areas. One was in a teepee with a shower house and toilet. The other was a spot on a large property where I could park the van, and outdoor shower and a very primitive latrine. My introverted nature makes using a room in a stranger's home uncomfortable. And it's doubly uncomfortable if they want to play doting host. For some odd reason, sharing a room with a bunch of strangers isn't a problem for me. And the problem with AirBnB's in San Francisco is that they almost never provide parking.