Friday, April 5, 2019

Good news, in a way

I got the thyroid test results today. The levels of whatever it was they tested are within the normal range. The ultrasound showed a couple of small nodules about one centimeter in diameter on the thyroid. They said to follow up in a year. So, no goiter, no messed up thyroid, no need to panic.

But that doesn’t solve my problem.

Since I’m on my way to spend most of the spring and summer helping Lou build shelter, I'll find a clinic there and see if they can do a better job of diagnosing me. And curing me, too, of course.

UPDATE: I'm near Silver City, New Mexico, now and went to a clinic there for another opinion. They agree it’s an infection and not GERD. They prescribed a stronger antibiotic.


  1. It reallys ounds to me like you have GERD. I know that because I have it and have the same sore throat, tender lymph nodes, sinus problems and ear issues. Plus I also get bronchitis from it. The doctors used to wonder why I had chronic sore throats and post nasal drip, I have perfectly normal nasal sinus passages. Testing proved I was to anything, not even one tiny red spot from the allergy testing of more than 100 things so it was not caused by seasonal allergy. But eventually after I got an esphogeal ulcer they figured out it is all from my hereditary weak valve at the top of my stomach and a hiatal hernia. Those of course can get worse with age. The doctors can do a scope down your throat to verify it but that takes an outpatient hospital clinic sedation. Or you could just try things like elevating the head of your bed so the acid reflux does not run up into your throat while you sleep. Plus you can take OTC acid reducers. Don't eat right before bedtime, etc, etc all the normal stuff one is supposed to do for GERD. If it works, then that is pretty much proof of cause.

  2. Hi Ho Silverrrr... city, has a good hospital if your gonna be close to it this summer.

  3. Good news and good luck to you!


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    Thanks for your great blog. You and Lou get things done.

  5. You and Lou that'll be a good one;plenty of pics please. I too have been battling sinus etc. Over 2 months never been this long.

  6. AWW just quit breathing and it will all quit bothering you.

  7. Yes, it is much easier to die. Do not wait a whole year to get a diagnosis. Try the GERD things until you get semi-settled somewhere.