Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happiness is just down the road

The cell signal at Lou’s place is sporadic because the Verizon tower is blocked by a ridge. Sometimes I get two bars of 4G LTE, sometimes five bars of 3G, and sometimes no signal at all. And despite having a 4G signal, sometimes I still can't connect to the interwebs. Ah, the whims of the cosmos and wireless technology.

But I can get a great signal if I drive a little way down the road, even without my directional antenna and booster. That’s why I can post this.


  1. It's all a conspiracy by the cable interwebs corporations.

    1. And of the people who want us living in buildings.

  2. So you have one of those We Boost on your roof for WiFi? And a directional antenna is just that an antenna for t. v. AND wifi? Also if you dont mind, how much are you paying for unlimited wifi? Or does one need unlimited out on the road. And finally another solution to your limited signal because of the mountain. Instead of moving the vehicle to get a better signal...move the mountain !

  3. I have a weBoost Sleek cellular booster. Most of the time the small antenna that comes with it is sufficient. If not, I have a weBoost directional cellular antenna I can connect to the cellular booster. (Cellular and wi-fi are different things.) I don't have a TV and I don't know whether that antenna would work for it. Probably not. I have the Verizon Beyond Unlimited data plan. One doesn't need unlimited data out on the road unless you're consistently using more data that you would otherwise have. I use a LOT of data.