Friday, April 12, 2019

Man cave

Unlike me, Lou didn’t get rid of everything when he became a nomad. He kept all his tools and shop equipment stored in Oregon. When he leased a space at Coyote Howls in Arizona he got a shed and moved some of the tools there.

All the tools are reunited now that Lou has ten acres of land—land that included an insulated forty-foot shipping container. The shop makes him a very happy man.


  1. Perfect...and it is air conditioned and heated no doubt. Plus he has that big covered area too. A great home base.

  2. Let's go over the numbers
    40,000 in QUALITY tools
    40,000 in time and materials
    40,000 in motorized vehicle
    120,000 spent to avoid paying 120,000 for Brand spanking new!
    I.M. never humble O.

    1. Like my old tools, some are my friends.

    2. Maybe you could explain your point, Zman. If you're talking about Lou's trailer, he didn't build it to avoid buying something already built, he built it because he likes building things. It's what he's done all his life (which is why he has so many tools). And he built it because he wanted something exactly the way he liked it.

    3. Definitely NOT Referring to Lou;I have nothing but Respect for him and his talents. I'm sorry it came across that way,I was referencing myself and guys who have more money and choose Capitalism over do it yourself.

  3. Ricky the tortilla chip eating squirrel makes a great shop cat!