Friday, April 19, 2019

Parallel, square and level

The floor joists are in place. Next step is insulation.

The guys who’ll be connecting the building to electricity, water and septic have come by to consult with Lou, and a neighbor has offered the loan of his backhoe. Lou is much more relaxed now.


  1. what a great piece of property to find that already had the basic services of water, electric and septic.

    1. The former owners would spend part of the year here in their RV.

  2. Thanks for documenting the progress. It looks like it's going smoothly. We wish we were there to help!

  3. Looks like real headway. How are you coming with your throat condition?

  4. "Hanging Doors" properly and correctly is the mark of a true carpenter; so says the man who sells them for his livelihood. And seeing what passes for construction I believe him. Any swinging dick can put a hammer in his hand and out of thousands; 5 he said five hang doors that last and withstand the test of time. money is on Lou.