Saturday, July 27, 2019


I’ve discovered the second-most comfortable mattress in the world. (The one in the Rolling Steel Tent is first.) It’s also probably the most shockingly high priced bed. It’s my hospital bed: the Stryker IsoAir. It’s a heavy duty, high tech air mattress.

Deep Cell Design 
IsoAir support surface is comprised of a series of air-tight bladders that run laterally across the mattress to provide patient immersion and envelopment. 
Therapy Modes
Designed with both pressure redistribution and alternating low pressure therapies to assist in protecting patient skin. 
Active Sensor Technology
Automatically adjusts pressure within the air cells to help control immersion for the patient to a specific depth.
Too bad I had to get sick to discover it.


  1. It's a helluva note, but the weight-loss is gonna have the wimmunz trailed out behind yuh.

  2. Can you power it with your solar system? Sneak it out of the hospital when you leave! :-D

  3. I think my twin in my express is the best mattress in the world, there can only be one best. Only the shadow knows.

  4. Ceebs...interesting name. Will you share the etymology?