Monday, July 1, 2019

More or less?

I was rummaging around YouTube and kept running into videos by young adventure-seeking nomads. Mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, hang gliding, pushing the limits. The GoPro people.

A little later I got an email from my friend Vanholio!
It’s funny. When I set out 4 years ago, thought I’d be criss-crossing the USA—maybe Canada and Mexico, too—seein’ everything… 
All I want is comfy weather, quiet, good internet, no neighbors, a pretty view, a nice walk, few bugs, and maybe a top-grade breakfast burrito or Chinese buffet once in a while. And my coffee. And Ms. Barkley curled up beside me. The simple life. 
Imagined a life of adventure back then and found a life of easy contentment instead.
Yup, those are the two poles of the nomadic life. Living hard versus living easy. It’s probably an age thing. But it’s a personality thing, too. I’m one of those who finds happiness in a decluttered existence. Aaaaah, look at all the things I didn’t need to do today.


  1. I did almost ten years of hard running as an RVer. Now at nearly 73 I look for the comfort and less active fun mostly. But I am very glad I climbed, rode, paddled and on and on so hard for those years. They make great memories.

  2. Touché Barney. If I find a spot anywhere I like. I sit and eat, relax and smoke indica, which makes me real happy and centered in my true nature.

  3. I think I could live without internet; I lived without it for 35 years and no tv for many years.

    1. Grew up without TV and never got used to it. It's just full of overt and covert ads about stuff for the landfill, unfortunately.

  4. I took the unused TV out of my rig a month ago and gave it away. Now I use the wall space for a bulletin board to hold important to me things.