Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Too late for me

My friend Forrest sent me the link to a Denver Craigslist ad. If it were 2013 and I hadn’t already bought the Rolling Steel Tent, this is what I would’ve purchased. The seller is even asking less than what I paid.

Chevy box truck, aerodynamic nosepiece, barn doors in the rear. I looked at similar ones at a U-Haul lot, but they didn’t have the nosepiece and the rear doors were all roll-ups, which cut into headroom and are hard to make weathertight. And slightly longer ones had dually rear axels, which I didn’t want.

So if you’re vanless somewhere in the Denver region, you should check this one out. It could make a sweet home.


  1. Not quite as stealthy as a van but probably would have nice headroom inside.

  2. :-O The cargo area would be easy to customize with those straight walls.

  3. I nearly stopped to admire one identical on the Grey's River Rd outside Alpine, WY the other day. If you see one with 4wd please alert me.