Saturday, July 6, 2019

Data hog

Out on the road I had to be mindful of my data usage. I have an unlimited plan, but speed is throttled after I use 22GB. So I had to be as certain as possible I really wanted to stream a video. I often stopped watching so-so videos after a minute or less to keep from wasting those gigabytes (any further).

But the wifi at Ceebs’ place has no limits. That makes me more willing to take viewing risks. Yet I still feel guilty watching things that are only slightly interesting, or for sitting through the blah parts between the good stuff. I should be clicking off and saving data for more worthy things.

I wonder what will happen when I’m back on the road with my limited unlimited plan. How long will it take me to become my old data-conscious self?


  1. From my experience, once you beat back a life threatening experience you will be a considerably different person in the future. Video watching may end up not important. For me after a few life threatening events TV had no value in my life at all. Serious events change attitudes on many things. Relax and go with them, the changes are always for the better.

  2. Thanks Barney, good insight for me too.

  3. How much more is an unlimited unlimited plan?

    1. Compared to a plan that doesn't choke after 22 GB (Possibly marketed under the evocative title of: Deep Throat. ; - ) )

      The question was posed to encourage you to not waste effort regaining a former state of mind, but to look to see if there's a way to satisfy your expanded appetite.

    2. The days of unthrottled unlimited mobile data are gone. For now.