Thursday, July 18, 2019

Making the call

My friend Sherita has been battling health problems since winter and it has severely impacted her ability to live independently, to live like a nomad, to live like the strong woman she is. It’s the type of thing that makes me sad, especially when I’m in no position to be there and help, to wave a magic wand, or to at least give a hug.

Technology can bridge the gap, though. We talked this evening via Facebook Messenger. Voices can convey so much more than text. It was comforting, soothing for both of us.


  1. But you are both in a position to give meaningful empathy to each other. I wish that it was otherwise for both of you and that things may soon improve for you both. Get well soon!

  2. Having a body is most definitely not for sissies.... or for beginners; like most of us who occupy these odd packages.......

  3. The boondocker bond is everlasting.
    Friendships on wheels could be eternal.