Thursday, July 4, 2019

Now it’s the tastebuds

All sorts of favorite flavors are starting to taste awful. Some taste caustic. Savory foods, especially. (When did black bean soup turn to acid?) Some foods just taste incredibly bland. The chocolate protein shake is still drinkable, though.

But at least that feeling of having a piece of glass stuck in my uvula is gone. At the moment.


  1. The burning is due to the epithelial layer sloughing off, no?

  2. At work I reached for a tool off a roughed up wood bench instantly a sliver lodged under my fingernail. Ouch and dam for the non approved OSHA table. Five days later and slight irritation I wanted it gone but my attempts to pull it out proved fruitless. Then I had the idea to use the tweezer to push on top of the finger nail the same way it came in...wham-o it literally exploded out! Thank you Jesus; my point is the human body is a healing machine!

  3. Cheerios's honey nut was all I could taste/eat while taking anti fungal drugs.