Friday, March 27, 2020

Adventures in cheap packaged foods: generic canned beef

The canned pork was a success, so I decided to try the canned beef. Same deal—a buck for a pound and a half—but in a fancier can.

Yup, it looks a lot like dog food. But it smells a lot better since it lacks organs, entrails and all the other bits dogs prefer to straight-up beef. It still has the juices and congealed fat, though.

How does it taste? Well, if you removed everything from canned chili that wasn’t beef, it would taste like this. As with the pork, it’s a lot better with some salt. Or any other seasoning. Treat it like the foundation for some dish.

But, basically, yeah. Decent stuff. Cheap pre-cooked protein. I wish I had grabbed a few more cans.


  1. When you don't know whether or not you are going to like it...

  2. It looks like it would be good in a stew, burritos, or eggs and beef for breakfast. Thanks Al for the condolences. I'll be OK either way.

  3. You've been busy. Thanks for these "Postcards from the Edge". Probably the only contact some of have had for awhile.

    Missed these and left a query 2 posts back.

    What did you concoct with your mystery moo?

    1. Sort of a sloppy Joe for dinner and scrambled with eggs and cheese for breakfast.

    2. Thanks for the info.

      My sister always said "Everything else is just a vehicle for cheese".

      Ever play the 'chocolate or ranch dressing' game?

    3. Chocolate. Maybe not with beef, though I haven't tried it.

    4. Here's the game: Name a food that isn't better with chocolate or ranch.

      You can look the answer up, but it is fun to ponder. YMMV

      BTW, I hear great Mexican mole' uses bitter cocoa and may be used on beef dishes. You are in a superb area to find some. Could you be tasked with a mission?

    5. True, I had forgotten about mole. Good stuff.

  4. This makes an amazing base for vegetable beef soup.