Monday, March 1, 2021

First day wearing shorts in 2021

I couldn’t go all the way to Los Angeles without putting in some beach time. Saturday and Sunday were rather windy, lowering the temperature enough so that it wasn’t all that enjoyable. But today was excellent. And being a weekday, there were no crowds. I was able to walk several miles along the beach without needing to dodge anyone. Very peaceful.

One thing spoiling the experience a little was the dozens of cargo ships anchored off shore, waiting their turns at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.


  1. Huh! I suppose I could go wading in the slush of melting snow. Not that I'm envious of you or anything. :)

  2. All those semis out on the freeways gotta get supplied from somewhere.

  3. In southern New Mexico today, I spied buds starting to grow on some trees. Spring, she's a coming!