Monday, March 22, 2021

It's all relative

It’s seasonal transition time again. It’s gradually warming here in southwest New Mexico, with the occasional hesitation or step back toward winter. It’s the time of year I shuffle my bedding and sleepwear trying to find each night’s Goldilocks level of just-rightness. 

A few nights ago I dreamed I was sweating. I woke up to discover… I was sweating. The heater was on. And I had used the extra blanket. 

Last night I turned in with just my down quilt. I woke up in the wee hours (the hours when you need to get up to wee) and realized I a tiny bit too cool for comfort. I could turn on the heater or grab the other blanket, but I didn’t want to get up and make the change. I was a little cool, but otherwise very comfortable, relaxed and contented.

So I tried a mind game. I imagined it was summer and the chill I was experiencing was glorious air conditioning. That worked for only a few seconds. 

What if I imagined it’s a brutal polar winter outside and appreciated it not being -40° in my bed? That worked a little better.

Then I accidentally discovered a good solution. I shifted my position and hit a much colder patch, one that hadn’t been warmed by my body. Yow! I shifted back to my original position. Ah, that’s better. Nice and warm-ish.

(I know the relationship between °F and °C are messed up on the stock art above. 0°C should align with 32°F, and so on.)

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