Thursday, March 4, 2021


I had a video conference with my oncologist this morning. According to the PET scan, everything is good. I have no symptoms and feel great. He wants me to check back in six months.

Afterward I packed up and headed out. I need to go to Douglas AZ to take care of a small matter, then I’ll continue on to see Lou in New Mexico—even though it’s still below freezing at night there.

In preparation for cold I stopped by Walmart to get an electric heater. I could plug it in at Lou’s and let it run during the night. But, you know, with it being the end of winter in southern Arizona, the heaters have been replaced on the shelves by fans and air conditioners. 

I went to another Walmart. Same story, but then I spotted a small electric heater on a different aisle. Clearance priced. It says it’s 1,500 Watts. I don’t know how to translate that number into heat. BTUs make more sense to me. We’ll see if this thing does any good.

Since I didn’t get out of Yuma until after lunch I decided to break the drive to Douglas into two parts. So I’m camped just outside Ajo, up Darby Well Road. The area is thick with desert plant life. But not overly thick with boondockers.


  1. A 1000 watt electric heater keeps me warm in my 148sf trailer at 21f.

  2. One watt, the International System of Units derived unit of power, is equal to approximately 3.41214 Btu/h.

  3. I had to keep my 1800 watt electric heater on it's lowest setting in my van.

  4. Some have a thermostat that shut off at a pre set temp. Good for small spaces. Does Lou have a lot of power as they do use a lot something like 10 amps of 120 volt.stuff.

    1. I must be reading too many blogs as I thought Lou was Field Lab . Enjoy your story and writing

  5. My cousin the oldest of the grand children died after her second round of breast cancer. She was 70 years old. Her husband of 42 years of marriage died approximately a year later. He was 83 years old. Was losing his mind.

  6. When I was younger...I always managed to have a sweet girlfriend to keep us warm...Who needs a quacking 1500 watts?
    Those were the days...Who says life is wasted on the youngsters?.."69-'71-'74-'81-'84-Dodge Vans..Slant 6's..3 speeds-then 4 speeds with ODrive...
    Nice to follow your adventures !
    Ride -On!...