Saturday, March 20, 2021

The news is not good

So, is there a reason I’ve been hanging out at Lou’s place? And is there a reason I haven’t posted much? Um, yeah.

I have no great way to put this. Lou has advanced lung cancer. It probably metastasized from the renal cancer that resulted in the loss of a kidney a few years ago. 

The lung cancer is inoperable and chemotherapy would be lethal. His oncologist wants to try a medicine that costs tens of thousands of dollars per dose. Even with Medicaid, Medicare, and special discounts for low-income people, Lou would be left with copays far beyond his means. He’s exploring unconventional treatments, but even those require funds he just doesn’t have.

Lou is proudly self-sufficient and far more likely to offer aid than to ever seek it. But the reality of his financial situation has made him realize he needs help.

We could start a Go Fund Me drive, but we decided donors’ money would go farther without a middleman.

So you’re if inclined and able to give, send your contributions to Lou’s PayPal account:

It’s a sad situation. All of us who love Lou wish there were more we could do, like wave a magic wand and make everything good again. But at least we can relieve some of his financial distress.


  1. Al,

    I do not know how to access Lou's PP accnt via his email. So I sent it to your PP accnt.

    OK to delete this note.

  2. His email is also his PayPal account name. I forwarded it on for you. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  3. Someone dear to me with non-Hodgkins lymphoma was given 6 weeks to live. A new genetic treatment trial saved him. I cannot express how much I hope your friend encounters something similar -
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  4. Hi Al, I would also like to contribute to Lou's situation but am unable to access his PayPal account. I've never used PP and my tech skills are pretty basic... Is there a way do that easily?
    Thank you.

    1. Email me at and we'll discuss options.

  5. Sorry to have been slow to read this. But it's done, I sincerely hope it goes well. How is Lou now?